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As more companies see the value of moving their businesses onto the worldwide web, competition for space on Google and other search engines is high. Think of it as prime real estate on the internet – except it can take more than just a good price or a clever negotiation to win the deal. What is required is a skilled and carefully laid out plan with timely and thoughtful implementation to ensure the best results possible. The Media Mile are specialists in building and ranking websites on search engines as well as creating content for your site. We’re passionate about your business making its mark online. We’ll audit your site from the inside out and provide you with a full report on where potential improvements can be made. Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact us for an obligation-free chat.

Web Design

We will build your website according to your needs. With stylish design, high functionality and speedy websites, you don’t have to look any further than The Media Mile.

SEO Strategy

SEO is the backbone of your business. Without it, you simply cannot be found online. And the only way to ensure correct SEO implementation is with a carefully planned SEO strategy.


Content management

Content is king. This is a common phrase when it comes to ‘internet circles’. We take your already existing content, make it even better, faster and recognised as king.


Blog Articles

We write. Specialising in travel and tourism, we will write factual, accurate, emotional and compelling articles for your site or publication.

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Make Your Content a Priority.

We certainly will.

Does your company really need a website?

Your website is the real face of your website. You can put any expression on it as well as any shade of makeup. But the truth is in the eyes, right? What do we mean by that? Carry on reading...

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Reduce Bounce Rate

Firstly, what is “Bounce Rate”? The bounce rate is how long somebody stays on your site. Think of it this way: If you drop a ball on the floor, it bounces. Right? So, the ball is your website visitor, and the floor is your website. You need them to stick. So put glue on the floor. Or in other words, put content on your site that makes people stay.

Drive More Traffic

More traffic directed to your site is the first step in converting potential leads into customers. High traffic naturally means more leads, but those visitors will need to have a pleasant driving experience.

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