This is a short post to say thanks to those who were concerned for our safety in the recent terror attack in Bir al-Abed. It has been the worst attack modern Egypt has seen and the death toll is still rising. In short, it’s assumed to be I.S. attacking an offshoot of Islam called Sufi.

Without trying to direct any attention away from those who have been killed and wounded, we are still safe and many miles away from the volatile Sinai peninsula.

To put it into perspective, it’s about a 7-hour drive from us and a 3-hour drive from Cairo.

I had a very strange sensation when I looked across the sea yesterday and saw the Sinai mountains in the distance. Although what we look at is lower Sinai, it was still chilling.

Strangely, I’ve had 2 passings with previous terror attacks. I was going to visit the twin towers the day before they were destroyed. I didn’t only because the traffic was bad and I didn’t want to miss my flight. The chilling moment was seeing everyone crowded around the newsagent TV’s in London after I landed and wondering what was going on. I looked to see New York and thought “Hey, I was just there last night”. Then the full realisation hit me. I missed it by 15 hours.

The other was trying to get to the passport office with my kids in London. We went on Tuesday – closed. Aimed for Wednesday but the weather was bad so postponed to Thursday. Terror attack happens in Westminster, just 2 streets down where I would have been with my boys. But we had to go back and passed right next to the eerie scene.

But there are thousands more who were not fortunate at all. It was good to see Kyle’s school hold a minute’s silence for the victims, but so sad that children have to be made aware of these things.

The world is still beautiful despite the efforts of men.