The El Gouna Film Festival


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El Gouna. Life as it should be. The Lagoon! We are so proud to be hosting our first ever film festival right here in El Gouna. Appropriately named “The El Gouna Film Festival”, Or GCC (Gouna Film Festival for short). It aims to facilitate and promote Arabic film in the area. This cannot be a single statement though as it is open to all films in a non-discriminative manner, but prizes will be set aside for Arabic films and film makers. Hollywood still dominates the industry. But at the heart of film, it’s people and their individual creativity that makes film such an experience. Talent in the individual. And that is what the El Gouna film festival aims to promote. A platform to take the right film makers to the next level!

When is it?

22 – 29 Spetember 2017


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There is a generous pot of prizes for top films. In fact they have set aside $200,000 worth of prizes! All prize winners including best actress and actor will receive a trophy and a certificate as well as the following cash prizes for selected categories.

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Prize category

El Gouna life medal

Best feature

Gold $50,000             Silver $25,000             Bronze $15,000

Best feature documentary  

Gold $30,000             Silver $15,000               Bronze$7,500

best short film  

Gold $15,000             Silver $7,500               Bronze$400

Best Arab Narrative film 


Best Arab documentary 


Best Arab Short film 


Wait! What is El Gouna?

El Gouna, Arabic for ‘The Lagoon’ is a luxurious resort set on the Red Sea about 31km north of Hurghada. Once, there was was nothing but sand, and now stands an idyllic spot for sun lovers called El Gouna. And it’s catch phrase: Life as it should be. For more, read this article.

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How did the el gouna film festival come about?

Naguib Sawaris, an Egyptian billionaire has decided to launch a film festival in the luxurious resort, El Gouna, under the theme of “Cinema for Humanity”. The goal is to boost cinema and film in the MENA region (Middle, Eastern and North Africa), focussing it’s attention on Arab film – putting it on the map. But, also to bridge the gap between Arab film and international film.

Why Naguib Sawaris? Well, he is only the brother of property heavyweight, Samih Sawaris who ‘invented’ El Gouna! But on a more serious note, with all the turmoil in the area, the billionaire has taken it upon himself to promote tourism in Egypt and assure the world that it is a safe place to visit. And it is!

CineGouna Springboard and CineGouna Bridge

Packaged within the CineGouna Platform are two brilliant programmes to support and nourish film makers and film professionals in the area. These are the CineGouna springboard and the CineGouna bridge.

  • Arab film directors and producers will be most interested in the CineGouna springboard as it’s initiative focusses on providing financial and creative support for films in development or post production. Films will be receiving help every step of the way. While in development CineGouna Springboard will come alongside filmmakers and guide them in writing and producing. Then, at post production level support will be given on how to really get your film out there!
  • However, the most exciting part is that projects in development will be subject to a board of judges who select the best project in development and secure meetings with top sales agents and professionals.

The CineGouna Bridge is the initiative that bridges the gap between Arab cinema and international cinema. Discussions and workshops with top professionals will be held on how best to collaborate, grow and be the best at film!

Directed by Intishal Al Tamimi, the El Gouna Film Festival promises to make a impact on the industry! Don’t miss it!


Got a film you want to submit?

Click here to submit your film!

Submission deadline July 31!

Good luck!

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